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Company Philosophy

PVS Group company policy:

1. Independence

PVS is a fully independent group of companies run by its executive and non-executive shareholders, providing services in the fulfillment industry and acting as a publishing house distribution center.

2. Customer satisfaction

Primary goal of our services is customer satisfaction to build long-term customer relations with demanding contractors, thus realizing a sustainable and adequate return. This allows us to continuously invest in up-to-date systems and processes.

3. Distribution generalist B2C and B2B

We have positioned ourselves in the market as a distribution generalist in the direct Business-to-Consumer business and the Business-to-Business market.

4. Meet high demands

Our services must meet the high quality demands of our customers. This includes, for example, project management, commercial and administrative services, logistic services and communication with the customers. PVS undertakes to provide trained personnel and the necessary professional infrastructure for this.

5. Open internal communication

We have an open internal communication style to make available and usable the expertise in our company for all our employees.

6. Growth

We intend to continue to grow in quality and quantity and ensure that the common entrepreneurial objectives and professional attitude of our team are maintained. In this regard, we will openly and flexibly adjust to changed market conditions.


10.- 11. March 2020
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Benefit from our full-service offer for small and medium fashion labels. Full-Service Solution B2B and B2C.
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